#TBT, Throwback Thursday

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This picture is of my grandparents, Tiburcio Luna and Vincenta Robles on their wedding day.  I remember my grandpa as a loving man although he didn’t speak English, he always was kind for me and my younger sister when we came to visit.  If he had cookies, or snacks, he would always offer then to us.  I never new my grandma, she died in 1941, around the time when my Dad was 6 or 7 years old.  Another memory of my grandpa was that he loved playing chess.  He had a chess game always at the ready for whom ever came over and wanted to play.  When we would go visit, I would watch my dad play with my grandpa.  My grandpa, as far as I knew, always lived with my Uncle Manuel.  Whenever we would go to visit my grandpa, we would always drive to my Uncle Manuel’s house for the visit.

I sure do miss my grandpa, but I know that he is in heaven showing my dad around the place!  🙂

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