Hello everyone,

This is my first official on my new blog/website!!!  I originally wanted to wait until I had everything ready to launch my blog/website, but because I had several things happen this week that I just wanted to share, I couldn’t wait and decided to start posting and will upload my family history information and photos as I get them done.  I hope you all don’t mind.

My first exciting thing:  Last Saturday, I had three of my sisters and my mother over for dinner along with a cousin that I haven’t seen for several years.  As you can imagine, there was good food, a few tears and a lot of reminising that night.  I was able to firm up some information about my uncle, my cousin’s dad, and my cousin was able to make sense of a few things by talking to my mom.   I was so happy to have found my cousin again and I hope that his brothers and sisters will soon follow and reconnect with me and my family.

My second exciting thing:  I had this past monday off due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and my mom called me and ask me to go with her to breakfast.  After a delicious breakfast, we went back to her house.  She told me that she wanted me to go through her genealogy research and help her organize it.  My mother had been concentrateing so much on the research that she wasn’t keeping track on where she was putting the documents.  She has 5 filing drawers full of files that need to be organized.  I am excited to take on this project and estimate it could take up to a year to complete if I keep it to the weekend, shorter if I can work on it during the week.

My third exciting thing:  My daughter has been eager to help with my genealogy research.  I haven’t been able to find anything for her to help me with until now.  With the help of my older sister, we have compiled a list of where our family members are buried and which cemetaries they are located in.  With my daughter’s help, who is also a budding photographer, we will try to go to each grave site, pay our respects, tidy up the gravestone if necessary and photograph the gravestone for my genealogy records.  We are both very excited for this project and we can’t wait till we start this project.

This has been the beginning of my week and I have been bursting at the seams to post it. 

I hope you all have a great day and happy genealogy hunting!!!