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Its Official!!!

I am officially registered for the Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree that will be held in June!  I was able to register before the deadline of early-bird registration which is April 30th.  I can’t wait am excited to go! I plan on taking some classes on hispanic genealogy, California genealogy, translating latin records, methodology classes (evidence & […]

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Racial Prejudices – A Part of my past

Sunday, my daughter and I visited La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, the first Mexican American Cultural Center in Downtown Los Angeles. This cultural center had a wonderful exhibit in which we learned the history of California.  We learned that when the U.S. won the war against Mexico, it obtained California through the treaty of […]

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Tuesday’s Tip – Converting Cassette recordings to Digital Files

Last night, I was cleaning up my desk/computer area and came across some micro-cassettes that I had used to interview relatives about my family history.   I found one micro-cassette that had an interview of one of my paternal aunts and it reminded me that I wanted to try to convert all of my micro-cassettes with genealogical information on […]

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My Weekend Review

Last weekend was a really nice one, although it felt a bit short.  🙂  One of the brights spots of the weekend was a phone conversation I had with my mom regarding her genealogy research. A little backstory first:  when I was first bit with the genealogy bug and started asking my mom questions, she […]

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