Today was a very productive day.  I had my first try at photographing a tombstone and it was productive to say the least.  I went to Ressurrection Cemetary in Montebello, CA.  It was the nearest cemetary and I had a few relatives there.  I went with my mom, my daughter and one of her girlfriends from school who spent the night. 

We first drove to where the cemetary is to make sure we had the right directions.  Then we drove to the nearest market so that we could get batteries for my camera and some flowers to leave at the gravesites.

My mission was to photograph my maternal grandparents Antonio & Helen Sanchez and then my paternal grandfather Tiburcio Luna.  We went to the admistrative offices and the people there were very helpful in finding the gravesites.  However, it was easier to see where it was in the office than to actually look for the sites.  We had the hardest time finding the gravesites.  Thankfully there was a caretaker there and he helped my mom find her parents site then he helped me find my paternal grandfather.

Unfortunately we found out that my mom’s parents site didn’t have a headstone.  We don’t know why.  This was the first time my mom has been to the grave since the funeral.  The caretaker helped up find the cup for the flowers and left the flowers anyways.  We are looking into getting a headstone put in for my grandparents. 

Next, the caretaker and I went to search for my paternal grandfather and thankfully we were able to find it.  He also helped us find the vase for the flowers but when he tried to take it out, it was stuck pretty good.  My paternal grandfather was buried in 1975 and I don’t think anyone was visiting it.  It had a ton of mud and some of the grass roots were holding it pretty good.  Finally, after about 10 minutes of struggling, the caretaker finally was able to get it out and we were able to put flowers in it.  It looked nice.

I really enjoyed going and trying to find the gravesites.  Next weekend, my mom and I will be going to Rose Hills in Whittier, CA to look for other family members.  We plan on going to have breakfast then head out to the cemetary.  I have more family members there so it will take a longer time.

Have a great weekend!!