Besides having my geneaology research to do, I have also been planning my genealogy education very carefully.  I have a limited amount of finances to spend and have to plan several years ahead to make my education dollars stretch as much as possible. 

I was a bit frustrated because I have been wanting to attend the National Genealogical Society’s (NGS) annual conference, but it was always too expensive to attend.  So, in my frustration, I emailed NGS asking when the next conference in California will be and when was the last time their conference was in California.  I got a very nice response from Gayathri Kher telling me that the last annual conference in California was in 2004.  Wow…that was 7 years ago.  Well she then gave me good news that “We are looking to the west coast for 2013…”  I couldn’t believe it!  Wow, the west coast!  I understand that it could be California, Oregon or Washington but still, that is closer to me and the cost for airfare, if it is outside of So. Cal (where I live) but on the west coast, would be a lot less and I would be able to go!!!  I was so happy!  Gayathri also went on to tell me that “An announcement on the location of the 2013 conference will be made in Charleston in May.”

I have since begun to plan for this conference for 2013 and have set up a savings plan to ensure my attendance.  I am one happy camper and can’t wait for the announcement for the 2013 conference! 

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if the NGS conference were to be held in Southern California???  That would be one awesome birthday present!  Come on May…hurry up and get here already!!!  😉

(Email from Author to Gayathri Kher and from Gayathri Kher to Author sent on Feburary 14, 2011)