Although this is my first Wordless Wednesday post, I don’t think it will be complete wordless.  This photo is of my Aunt and Uncles 2nd Grade Class photo.  Although it’s the 2nd Grade class, my Uncle was a year or two older than my Aunt .  I don’t know exactly where this school is located but it could have been taken in Colorado where my Aunt and Uncle were born, or here in California where the family ended up.  Further research will need to be done to determine where the picture was taken.

If you look closely at the picture, you will see my Aunt and Uncle marked with a check mark above their heads and their names written by my grandmother underneath the class.  Also as a side note, my Grandmother was approximately 5 months pregnant with my mother when this picture was taken.

Ramona School 2nd Grade Class Photo - 15 May 1935 (Photo owned by author and used with permission)