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Thank you for visiting My Genealogy Obsession Website!  For quick navigation, you can use the menu at the top or on the right side of the page to look around the website.

This site is for two groups of people.  First, its for my family so that they can see our family history and track my progress in researching and expanding our family tree.  Second, it is also for those who are doing their genealogy research on their own family and need someone to network with to get a few pointers or tips in conducting their research better or at the very least, learn from my mistakes.   If you landed on this site because you searched for a name that’s here, then please contact me.  I am always looking to expand my family connections.

For my family members: Please note that the family information listed is only of those family members who are deceased.  There are some in the genealogy field who believe that putting the names of the living with no personal data (birth date, marriage date, ect) is perfectly fine.  I however take the responsiblity of publishing personal information of living people very serious.  I not only adhear to the National Genealogical Society’s guidelines for Sharing Information With Others (Click here to read guidlines (PDF 173KB)), but I have decided to not publish information on living family members at all.  When I feel confident that publishing the information of living members could be done in an extremly safe, password-protected way, then I will revisit my decision but for now the website will only consits of our deceased relatives.

Also: If you are able to help further our genealogy tree by sending me information, pictures, charts, documents, or other media files, I will contribute the information you supplied  rightfully to you.  If you wish to remain annonymous, please let me know when you send me  the information and I will make that notation.

To my fellow genealogists and family historians: I am by no means a professional genealogist.  I am just a dedicated family historian who enjoys this hobby very much.  I have been researching my family tree for 18 years and I hope that by posting my work, research experiences, and my mistakes; that there are some nuggets of information that you are able to gleen.  Please feel free to post a comment or email me if you have any questions, suggestions or tips as well.  I will appreciate it very much and I am always open to learn new things!


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