Two trains and a short walk and I am here at the 2011 SCGS Jamboree at the Marriott in Burbank, CA. It was a hard trek, not really, but it was fun nonetheless. I am here a few hours early but it is because of things out of my control.   I’m glad to be here early, I have been sitting here people watching and it has been fun. I have seen Dick Eastman, Thomas MacEntee, and a few others.

I have three classes that I am planning on taking today and will blog about them later today. The first one on my list is The 12-Step checklist to Using your Genealogy Computer Program with Geoffrey D. Rassmussen. I am really looking forward to this class because I just started using Legacy genealogy program and I still am getting use to it.   I am hoping to learn more about this program and possibly how to use it better.   My next class is Using with David Allen Lambert, the NEHGS Online Genealogist.  This class is helpful because my husband’s side of the family is from New England and I need more New England resources.  My last class for the day is Central Mexico with John P. Schmal. This class is helpful because my family comes from Mexico and well, I can never stop learning more about Mexico and its genealogical resources.

So as the day goes on, I will be learning new facts and resources that will be helpful for my genalogy research. That is why it is always important to attend a genealogy conference to expand your education and help your research.

Ok…off to meet people. Have a great day everyone!!!