I am currently home sick and have been out from work for the past few days.  So I thought I should work on some posts for my blog and just get’er done!  🙂

Several days ago, I attended my first genealogy webinar.  It was put on by Legacy Family Tree, the company who produces the software program I use for my family history.  I must say that I was not only impressed with the technology used to produce this webinar, even though there were technical difficulties, but the information itself was very useful.

The class I took was called Chasing Female Ancestors and the instructor was Leland Meitzler (Genealogyblog.com).  Mr. Meitzler was a very well spoken, well rehearsed instructor who kept the pace and subject enjoyable.  I really enjoyed his presentation and the insight he provided that I know I could use in my family research.

Mr. Meitzler discussed the items I already use to find my female ancestors such as locating marriage documents first, using the U.S. and State census records, Death Certificates,  Social Security Applications and Birth Certificates.  However, I didn’t think of using the Funeral Homes Records, Probate Records to get married daughters names, Family Bibles and Consent to Marry for those who marry and were under age as Mr. Meitzler suggested.

I am very happy to have taken this webinar and happy to know that old dogs CAN learn new tricks!!!  🙂


***Edited to note that I did not receive any compensation whatsoever for this review.