Well, the one thing I KNOW I haven’t been lacking in is keeping up with my editorial calendar.  I just put too much in my editorial calendar and couldn’t keep up with the pace.  Thankfully it isn’t written in stone and I can adjust it.  So far one adjustment will be that I will no longer post a “Tuesday Teachings.”  Duh!  I guess I would have to post one first to quantify that statement.  Even in the beginning I couldn’t keep up with it.  I will still post about educational opportunities for the genealogy community but now, I only do it when I desire to do so and not on a set schedule.  The second adjustment will be to decrease my “Thankful Thursday” posts from every Thursday to twice a month.

In my January Aspirations, my focus was to be more organized and better prepared to start my research for my NGS Family History Writing Context submission.  I almost completed this in the month of January but I have a task or two left to complete.  I did do the following:

  1. Pull all loose research in and put them in the appropriate files at my desk.  I have the horrible habit of when researching, I leave the document, print-out or my notes in most every place else but where it should be. 
  2. Organized my genealogy library.  This will prove useful when I need reference materials or  a citation check.
  3. Back up my legacy database and my photos.

What I didn’t finish was to re-organize and update my research binder.  This is the binder that I take with me on all my research trips.  I need to find a way to display what I already have in the binder without having to move it to a bigger binder.  It is as big as I want it to be.  The pages just need to be trimmed and re-organized so that I could be more efficient on my research trips.