The updates are as follows:

Contest –  I looked at my family group sheets and the pedigree chart for this research line and realized that I have some on most everyone except for my grandmother, Vicenta Luna (Robles) who is the brick wall in this family line.  I don’t know who her parents are or if she had any siblings.  So this week I focused on her.  I created a timeline for her and after analyzing the timeline, I realized that all I have is her birth, marriage and death date but no original documentation to back it up.  Her birth date came from the California Death Index which may not be correct.  Her marriage date came from my Grandfather’s (her husband’s) Immigration Record.  It was filed two years after her death.  Her death info also came from the California Death Index as well.  I also noted that there is a different spelling of her name on the Death Index as opposed to the spelling on my Grandfather’s Immigration documents.  So, when I search for any documents for her, I couldn’t find a thing.  I believe that when you have a brick wall, it means that some piece of information that you have is wrong.  It could be the dates or places of birth or death.  So I decided to get a copy of my grandmother’s death certificate.  I figured that working backwards, the death certificate would be a good place to start.

Well that is all that I was able to focus on this week.  I am hoping that the death certificate will bear some fruit that will be useful in my research.

Have a great weekend y’all!!!