SCGS Jamboree 2011 – Day 1

First I need to apologize for not posting this yesterday.  After attending the classes I wanted, I went to dinner with my husband, then went to the Geneabloggers Ice Cream Social which was sponsored by Geni and by the time I got home I was dead tired and went to bed.  My cell phone battery also died […]

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Yesterday, I found two small treasures!

Yesterday was a very busy day for me.  I started out helping my sister and mom clean out their garage.   During this cleaning, I came across more genealogical files that my mom had in a metal filing cabinet, but there were two treasures I found in that filing cabinet that outshined the files my mom […]

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This is the face of Genealogy.

This photo of Elena “Helen” Sanchez, holding her infant daughter, my mom Mary (“Concha”) with her daughter Carmen walking beside her (Circa 1935/1936) is posted in response to a very badly thought out photo posted by the LA Weekly in conjunction with an article on the upcoming Southern Genealogical Society Jamboree.   I want to make sure […]

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