Here are a few interesting stories I found today.

08 Jan 2012 – Bangor Daily News – Roxanne Moore Saucier – Maine

U.S. president and Maine governor have ‘cenotaphs’ in D.C. –  171 congressmen are to be honored with a special monument in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington. Their markers are a “cenotaph,” because their remains are interred elsewhere.

09 Jan 2012 – Miami Herald/Florida Wires/Gainsville Sun – Cindy Swirko – Gainsville, Fl.

Tombstone hunters preserve local history.- On many Saturdays, a band of people, from grannies to youngsters, root around Alachua County cemeteries. It’s not some “Twilight” saga-inspired mission or a gothic-themed scavenger hunt.  Instead, they do it to preserve history and to make that history easier to access on the Internet.