First the updates:

RESEARCH:  Project Sanchez – has really taken off this past weekend.  I am very proud of myself that I not only finished one box, but finished the other box and a half that I had. 

The stacks of paper that I ended up with.

As you can see, I ended up with several stacks of paper on the table.  The two and one-quarter stacks in the background are the piles for my in-direct relatives.  The smaller stack in the foreground is my direct relatives.  Am I done?  Heck no!  I still have about 5 more lateral file drawers to go through, but that’s ok.  I just am happy that I accomplished this one aspiration to finish going through the boxes that I currently had.  It’s the little steps that we need to celebrate! 

Mexican migration through Central Mexico and U.S. migrant farm workers of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – this has been a tough aspiration.  I have spent at least 5-7 hours over the past week and a half, searching for any information on these two subject.  There is practically nothing on the migration paths taken through Central Mexico into the U.S. in 1918.  There was some information on a program for migrant workers called “the Bracero program” during the 20’s-40’s in which the U.S. contracted with Mexico to bring their citizens to work in our fields.  However, I don’t believe that my grandfather was a part of that program.  My next move, interview my oldest aunt who just a few months ago celebrated her 99th birthday!  I need to verify a few things about when she, my grandfather, grandmother and great-grandmother migrated from Mexico in 1918.  I am hoping she remembers, she was 9 years old at the time.

ORGANIZATION: Scanned Photos – I still haven’t done this.  Project Sanchez consumed this past weekend.  Because of the reunion coming up, it has to be prepared and done so this will consume my up coming weekend! 

EDUCATION:  My genealogical library – I also haven’t done this as well and for the same reasons a listed above.  Although this has no urgency, I am hoping to have it done before the end of this week.