Ok, my weekend was the best ever and gave me the most motivation to keep doing what I am doing.  I attended my Aunt’s surprise birthday party for her 99th birthday.  My aunt is not only my dad’s older sister, but she is the oldest of all of the kids.  She has such vitality for a person who just celebrated her 99th birthday.

Although I didn’t sit down with her to interview her, I didn’t want to take away from her celebration, I was motiviated to continue my research after talking with her granddaughters, my second cousins.  These second cousins used to watch my younger sister and I at times for my dad and mom.  I hadn’t talked to them in a while but after chatting with them at the party, I gave them my contact information and told them that I am researching our family history and they were very excited.  

My Aunt is a great inspiration to me, not just because of her age, but also because of the person she is.  It was a wonderful weekend and I enjoyed seeing my family again.