Well it has been over a month since I posted my short hiatus post.  I do apologize for that.

I have moved into our new home and still have unpacking to do.  Thankfully this week I took off from work so I have been able to work on emptying boxes.  Today I started on my scrapbook supplies and have started setting up my creative corner.  Hopefully I should be able to get working on several projects that I need to do really soon.

Genealogy wise, we there is sad news and there is good news.  The sad news is that on December 15th my Uncle Julian past away and we laid him to rest yesterday, December 28, 2011.  That is my sad news.  The good news is that at the respite after the burial I not only saw a picture of the “Luna Boys”, my dad who was approximately 19 and all of his brothers, but I also met my second cousin.  This second cousin of mine is the son of my grandfather’s brother.  This is a family line that I have not been able to get a lot of information on.  Thankfully I also met my second cousin’s daughter.  She told me that she wanted to do a family history for her dad and for the other “brothers”, but that she was missing some information.  I told her of my obsession with genealogy and we exchanged addresses, numbers and emails so that we could help each other out.  That is my good news.  However, the sad still outweighs the good news.

Rest in peace Uncle Julian.