Welcome to My Genealogy Obsession blog.  You came at a great time, we are celebrating our 7th anniversary!  We will be giving away a great gift so continue reading and follow the instructions in order to qualify for the free gift.

Wow!  I can’t believe that I have been blogging for 7 years!  It’s been a wonderful ride and I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did.  I first started blogging my DIY wedding project and in between the DIY posts, I would post about my struggles with my Mexican genealogy research.  Then I posted about the golden nugget I found and it was then that I decided to dedicate a blog to my genealogy research.  I first started out on WordPress.com, the non-hosted version of WordPress.  This was a great start for me as I didn’t know a lot about setting up a website and this version of WordPress was easy for me.  I was able to make some designing decisions and it turned out really great for me.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

  1. My Genealogy Mistake
  2. My trip to the Los Angeles Superior Court
  3. Yesterday I found two small treasures!
  4. Miss Martin
  5. Albert Robles Luna, My Dad.

Shortly after starting my blog, I joined Geneabloggers and met Thomas MacEntee at the following Southern California Genealogy Society’s Jamboree.  I learned a lot from Thomas, not just about genealogy but also about blogging and some design ideas too.  I have been able to learn more and more and it wasn’t until last year that I decided to make the jump from the non-hosted wordpress site to the self-hosted site that you see now.  I wanted to add a way for my family to see our family history so I decided to use The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building.  I would not be able to add this option for my family without switching to the self-hosted site.  It also gave me a lot of design decisions with I really liked.

I have been thinking all day about all of the posts I have made throughout the past 7 years.  It amazes me that during the last 7 years, I have had so many stories to tell.  It continues to amaze me today, as I am writing this post, I’m thinking of upcoming posts that I want to write about. In the beginning, I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough stories to post, but I am glad that I continued.  I know I have written about a mistake or two that I have made in my genealogy research, of the brick walls that I have busted down, and of the genealogy gems that I have found.  And along the way, you all have come along with me.  I am so grateful for that and appreciate your readership!

To show my appreciation for your readership, I will be giving away a FamilyTree webinar on DVD.  It is “Privacy and Our Ancestors” by my friend Thomas MacEntee.  I purchased this DVD at one of the SCGS Jamboree that I attend every year in Burbank.  The instructions for this giveaway is really easy.  Just comment below and state who you think is YOUR favorite ancestor.  Because I am posting this so late in the day, this giveaway will last for a week, from today until 5pm on Friday, January 26th.  A random comment will be picked and a new post will be made to announce the winner.   So if you feel lucky, comment below and tell me about your favorite ancestor!