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My Genealogy Obsession provides resources, tools, tips and inspire ideas for our readers and clients, whether you are staring your research on your family tree, in the middle of your research, your research takes you south of the boarder, or you want to learn how to share your family history with other relatives online.  My Genealogy Obsession is here to help.

When I first started My Genealogy Obsession blog, the first post I blogged about was finding an Aunt that I didn’t know I had.  I knew that when I found her, others would want to know and blogging was the fastest way to get the information to them. That was the start of this blog…My Genealogy Obsession. 

It was when, after 15 or so years of researching and actually going down to the Family History Library and scrolling through microfilm reel after microfilm reel, that I was able to find my grandfather’s Baptismal record from the Catholic church in Mexico which was finally index at FamilySearch.org.  I was finally able to break the barrier that held me back from connecting my family to Mexico.  Up until that moment, I had done an extensive and very exhaustive search for all documents related to my family members in the United States and I found several.  However, I could not find any records that showed my family actually lived Mexico until I found my Grandfather’s Baptismal records.  Then I started finding more; the baptismal records for my three Great Uncles, my Grandparents Marriage Investigation document from the Catholic Church in Mexico, and recently, one of my Great Uncle’s Death Certificate.  When I found the Baptismal records for my Grandfather, my eyes filled with happy tears then I called my Dad and told him.  My family and I knew we were from Mexico, but now I had the proof, actual proof that the family lived in Mexico.

My name is Patricia Stanard and I am the owner and blogger of My Genealogy Obsession.  I have been researching my family history for the past 25+ years and since I met my husband in 2008, I have been researching his side of the family as well.  Personally I am mother to the most beautiful, adult daughter and I am married to a wonderful husband who understands my genealogy obsession!  My husband and I are also parents to the most lovable fur-baby, Roxy!!!  You can see our gallery pictures below.

Now what can you do?  Well you can do a few things:

  1. You can contact me if you have any questions regarding my family history, genealogy research, genealogy blogging/techie stuff or if you feel we are related here.
  2. You can email me your questions on any of the above subjects at tricia@mygenealogyobsession.com
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