In this week’s post, I am including my favorite photo.  Well I am taking  bit of a liberty and adding a small collection of photos, my parents wedding photos.  There is a story with this collection, isn’t there always?

Read about my favorite small collection of genealogy photos.

As I stated in an earlier post, my parents divorced when I was very young.  In my teenage years I had asked my mom where her wedding pictures were and she said that she threw them out.  She thought that none of us kids would be interested in them and didn’t keep any.  I am sure it was due to the divorce and I understand her reasoning, but I was still a little upset.  Thankfully, my grandmother had kept the few she had and somehow, in my mom’s later years, she got a hold of them.  Us kids didn’t find them until a few years ago when my sister (with whom my mom lives with) cleaned out her garage and while going through my mom’s stuff, found the small collection.  My sister and I reveled in my mom’s beauty and how happy my parents looked.

The great story attached to my parents wedding is that they met when they were in the bridal party of another couples wedding.  My mom was the maid of honor and my dad was the best man.  My parents couldn’t remember the name of the couple that was getting married but they met when they were in their wedding.  I love that story!   Also, if you look at my parents bridal party photo, my dad’s best man ended up marring one of my mom’s sisters.  Also the other gentleman at the end, is another uncle, my uncle Manuel.  My parent’s couldn’t remember the others in the picture.

I do love all of these photos and I treasure them all.  I hope you enjoy them too!