Today was an early day for me.  I attended the Genealogy Jeopardy! breakfast and had a great time. 

My breakfast. Yumm!!!
They had a panel of genealogy experts who played the Jeopardy game and our host was Kory Meyerink who was very entertaining.  The fun part was that the audience was able to play along and we had our own score sheets.   I think the top five or so audience participants won prizes.  I won with a score of 8900 and received one of Legacy’s webinars.  The food was pretty good for hotel food and I was very pleased with the whole event.

Kory Meyerink during the Genealogical Jepordy game. (Used with permission)

I had a few hours to kill before my next class so I went to the exhibit hall and chatted with a few vendors.  I stopped by Family ChartMasters who makes gorgeous charts using your family history information.  I loved the samples they had.  They even had a very large one on the wall.  It couldn’t all fit in my viewfinder of my camera! 

Kim Hovorka of Family Chart Masters (Used with permission.)

I also stopped by the booth and chatted with their Community Outreach Rep, Grant Brunner.   They were all very nice and they sponsored the Ice Cream Social on Friday night which was lots of fun.  Thank you so much to everyone at!!!

Grant and the gang at the booth. (Used with permission.)

There were so many vendors that I couldn’t get to them all as I needed to head to my class.

My first class of the day which was at 11:30am, was Thomas MacEntee’s Blogger Summit 2.  Not only was I an attendee of this class but I also volunteered to be room monitor.  All I did was make sure that the evaluation forms were handed out at the beginning of the class and collected them at the end.  I was also responsible for making sure everyone had a seat and that no one was standing (fire dept. code), although this class didn’t fill to capasity, there were still a lot of people in the class. 

After Thomas’ class, it was lunch time.  I went with a group of geneabloggers to Denny’s and had an expensive BLT.  I’m sure the higher cost of food at Denny’s was because of the proximity to the airport.  I forgot that I had to monitor another class after lunch so I had to hurry back to the conference after paying for my meal.  It was a class given by Geoff Rassmussen on the Overview of Legacy Family Tree which is the program I use for my family history research.  I did learn a few new things in this class.  My next and last class of the day was originally going to be The Many Facets of the National Archives Website given by Kerry Bartels, however, at the last minute I changed my mind and attended the SoCal Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogist.   I also learned something in this class as well.  I learned that I am at a point in my life where I am ready to be a professional genealogist.   Although I want to become certified someday, I am not ready to start doing this as a business.  I will someday, just not now.

By the time my classes were done, I was tired and I missed my husband very much.  So after my last class, I drove home.  Next year, I will be staying at the hotel as I heard that I missed out on a great pajama party!